Six Practical Reasons to Subscribe to Mine Safety and Health News and The Cumulative Digest of Mine Safety and Health Decisions

  1. Think of your subscription to our legal services as an investment. We’re sure you’ll exceed your investment with one good tip or clarification.
  2. You are receiving practical, accurate and helpful news, policy and legal information on mine safety and health issues. No fluff.
  3. Our services are an inexpensive investment of $23.07 per week for the legal research package, which can help you avoid or fight MSHA penalties, and assist you in your training needs. Think of it as having three additional staff members for this low cost.
  4. Mine Safety and Health News and the Cumulative Digest are the tools used by attorneys, safety directors, MSHA and the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission to conduct research and clarify mine safety case law and regulations. You are using what the government regulators use.
  5. These tools offer you easy research capability to every single FMSHRC decision ever issued using your Word or Word Perfect word processing program, with text that can be copied into legal briefs, meeting notes, or training material, because we offer extensive copying rights to our subscribers with your paid subscription.
  6. The cost of our services is a deductible business expense! An MSHA fine is not.

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Single issues of Mine Safety and Health News are available for purchase for $30. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Card. You may request a copy by emailing us at: Yearly subscriptions are available for $625/yr. Corporate discounts allowing copying rights for entire companies are available.