Mine Safety and Health News is a nationwide, award-winning newsletter, published by Legal Publication Services, which also produces books and CDs for business and government customers in the field of federal mine safety and health law and regulation. LPS also offers significant research services on mine safety and health law; our staff provides timely, vital, readable business and government information with expert analysis developed through extensive contacts in and concentration on the mining industry. (For more information about services offered by LPS, please visit legalpublicationservices.com.)

Ellen Smith is the managing editor of Mine Safety & Health News, owner of LPS, and directs all news coverage. She has been covering mining issues since 1987 and has won 37 journalism awards for her reporting. Most recently, Ellen won the 2010 Magnum Opus Award for Outstanding Achievement in Custom Media, the 2010 Specialized Newsletter Publishers Association Award for Best Investigative Reporting, and the 2010 APEX Award for Editorial Excellence. Most notably, Ellen has achieved a level of professional reporting that few can match with three Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi awards for Public Service in Newsletter Journalism. No other newsletter in the country has ever achieved such recognition.

Ellen can be reached at 585/721-3211 or by e-mail.

Kathy Snyder is the Washington, D.C. correspondent for Mine Safety and Health News. Snyder worked at the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s press office for 26 years, where she briefed the press on mining accidents, wrote speeches for the Assistant Secretary of Labor, and had helped direct FOIA policy. Snyder is the winner of three journalism awards and brings a wealth of information and knowledge of MSHA programs and policy to our company.

Aaron B. Pryor is Web Editor for Mine Safety and Health News.