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Current Issue: Vol23, Nos10 & 11 | June 2016

  • Accidents:
    • Miner severely burned in explosion at Wolfmeier Trucking (224)
    • Marshall County Coal reports two injuries involving underground doorways (225)
    • Rosebud Mining reports two serious limb injuries in 8 days at Madison Mine (225)
    • 4-foot fall causes serious injuries at Ames Plant Dredge(226)
    • Loader Fractures pelvis of worker at Hi-View Quarry (227)
    • Two hurt by pipe burst in Brushy Eagle Mine (227)
    • Bunting Sand & Gravel reports two illnesses from welding in tank (227)
  • Civil Penalties: Judge to decide if delinquent penalties should be considered in latest order (228)
  • Criminal Proceedings: Foreman agrees to forfeit papers where miner died under his watch (229)
  • Diesel Rules: MSHA revisiting diesel exhaust exposure rules (230)
  • Examinations: MSHA proposes rule to expand workplace checks in metal/nonmetal sector (231)
  • Fatalities:
    • Two die in impoundment failure at Harmony Mine & Mill (233)
    • Fatality is second serious incident this year at Ash Grove Cement in Texas (234)
    • Miner crushed under loader in American Coal Co.’s New Era Mine (235)
    • Company neglected unsafe ground conditions before latest death at 4 West (236)
    • MSHA proposes $3,143 fine in drill operator’s death at SSX Gold Mine (239)
  • Imminent Danger: Imminent danger upheld based on inspector’s belief at time of occurrence (241)
  • Investigations: Operator ordered to turn over employee contact information for investigation (242)
  • Safeguards: Winch and cable not “approved equipment” for moving supply cars (244)
  • Review Commission Orders and ALJ Decisions (246)

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MSHA hotline for immediately reportable accidents, CPR for any reason, imminent danger or hazardous conditions: 800-746-1553 (call within 15 minutes of accident)

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Kosmos Cement Contractor Worker Dies in Accident

A 33 year old contract worker at Kosmos Cement in Louisville, KY., was killed on Aug. 9, according to MSHA records.

The worker, Richard Snyder, was attempting to replace the lift cable pulleys on the chute located at the barge loadout. The lower portion of the chute unexpectedly fell, and the lift cable pinned the victim against the chute causing fatal injuries.

The contractor’s death comes only months after Kosmos Cement  voluntarily pled guilty April 20 in U.S. District Court in Kentucky for willfully violating MSHA’s metal/nonmetal safety standard, §56.14100(b). The company was sentenced by Magistrate Judge Colin Lindsay to pay a $400,000 fine related to the accident of contract employee Filipe M. Fiscalla (see 23 MSHN 183).

Fiscalla, 34, died Feb. 21, 2014, from a 51-ft fall into an elevator shaft at the Cemex Inc. Kosmos Cement Co. plant in Jefferson County, Ky. A criminal charge was filed against the company on March 25, 2016.

In that case, United States Attorney John Kuhn said,  “This is one of the worst cases of negligence on the part of a company. Improper maintenance resulted in an employee’s death. This agreement will ensure the proper maintenance of the cement facility and safety for the employees through mandatory on-sight inspections and a written Maintenance Control Program.” The government also agreed in the criminal proceeding to forego prosecution of agents and employees of the company.

Records show for this most recent fatality, Snyder had worked three years at the cement facility for the contractor Huelsman & Sweeney. Fiscalla, who died 30 months ago, had worked for another independent contractor at the plant when he fell to his death.

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