Vol23, Nos10 & 11

  • Accidents:
    • Miner severely burned in explosion at Wolfmeier Trucking (224)
    • Marshall County Coal reports two injuries involving underground doorways (225)
    • Rosebud Mining reports two serious limb injuries in 8 days at Madison Mine (225)
    • 4-foot fall causes serious injuries at Ames Plant Dredge(226)
    • Loader Fractures pelvis of worker at Hi-View Quarry (227)
    • Two hurt by pipe burst in Brushy Eagle Mine (227)
    • Bunting Sand & Gravel reports two illnesses from welding in tank (227)
  • Civil Penalties: Judge to decide if delinquent penalties should be considered in latest order (228)
  • Criminal Proceedings: Foreman agrees to forfeit papers where miner died under his watch (229)
  • Diesel Rules: MSHA revisiting diesel exhaust exposure rules (230)
  • Examinations: MSHA proposes rule to expand workplace checks in metal/nonmetal sector (231)
  • Fatalities:
    • Two die in impoundment failure at Harmony Mine & Mill (233)
    • Fatality is second serious incident this year at Ash Grove Cement in Texas (234)
    • Miner crushed under loader in American Coal Co.’s New Era Mine (235)
    • Company neglected unsafe ground conditions before latest death at 4 West (236)
    • MSHA proposes $3,143 fine in drill operator’s death at SSX Gold Mine (239)
  • Imminent Danger: Imminent danger upheld based on inspector’s belief at time of occurrence (241)
  • Investigations: Operator ordered to turn over employee contact information for investigation (242)
  • Safeguards: Winch and cable not “approved equipment” for moving supply cars (244)
  • Review Commission Orders and ALJ Decisions (246)

Delinquent Fines

You can see the most recent delinquent fines as reported by MSHA. If you believe your company has been improperly included on this list, please contact the MSHA Office of Assessments at:202-693-9700. Mine Safety and Health News is NOT responsible for the accuracy of this list.

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Recovery Still On-Going for Mississippi Miners

Two men are still missing this morning at Green Brothers Gravel Co. in Crystal Springs, Miss. On Friday, June 3, the two men working in the pit were trapped in their equipment by a wall of 10 – 12 feet of mud and debris.

MSHA said the agency was informed at 1 p.m. of the accident. An announcement was made on Saturday that the operation to get the two men had turned into a “recovery effort” and not a rescue.

As of yesterday, workers were constructing a road to allow the crane to reach the recovery site and hopefully locate the missing miners. MSHA family liaisons are currently on site with family members.

The area has received a lot of rain, which may have contributed to the fatal collapse.

Vol. 23, Nos. 10 & 11

  • Accidents
    • Flying debris injures driver in electrical incident at Marshall County Loadout (258)
    • Miner seriously hurt in excavator overturn at Lowsplint Surface Mine (259)
    • Extensive roof problems found after injury at D-8 Cloverlick Mine (260)
    • Inadequate training cited after severe injury to Stewart Services employee (261)
    • Two hurt by chain hoist failure at Giant Cement (262)
    • Worker struck by falling rock in Michel underground limestone mine (263)
    • Lightning causes nerve injury at Batesco Portable Plant (263)
    • Gas line breach injures worker at Phillips Vandalia Sand and Gravel Pit (264)
    • Miner escapes injury in dozer fire at Ontelaunee Quarry (264)
    • Worker dragged by moving equipment at Liberty Lignite Mine (264)
    • Loader accident fractures pelvis of worker at Hi-View Quarry (265)
  • Budget Committee actions would deny MSHA appropriation hike (265)
  • Civil Penalties Delinquent penalties considered an aggravating circumstance in assessment (267)
  • Discrimination Empire Iron Mining fined $8,000 in interference case(268)
  • Equipment Safety Commission vacates duplicative citation for same condition (270)
  • Fatalities:
    • MSHA Finds unwarrantable hazards after death at Atlas Quarries (270)
    • Fall of rock from highwall kills equipment operator at Vulcanís Savannah Quarry (271)
    • Death at Lower War Eagle was caused by working on roller with conveyor in motion (272)
    • Icy grade responsible for death of truck driver at Barrick Cortez (274)
  • Investigations
    • Mine Act permits access to personnel records in discrimination investigation (275)
    • BHP Copper, Tetra Tech ordered to turn over parts of accident investigation report (278)
  • Personal Liability Judges will look for prejudice where cases languished at TCIO for years (280)
  • Settlements Commissioners appear to reject challenge to ALJ settlement authority (282)
  • Two settlements rejected where reductions in fines ‘not supportable’ (288)
  • Review Commission Orders and ALJ Decisions (290)