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Current Issue: Vol23, Nos4 & 5 | March 15, 2016

  • Accidents:
    • Worker has head caught in pallet mover at Thomasville Mine in York, Pa. (109)
    • Latest ground fall at Barrick Gold’s Turquoise Ridge traps two (111)
    • Worker breaks bones in fall from catwalk at Huber Carbonates (111)
    • Worker loses digit from encounter with block saw at Texastone (112)
    • Two Hurt as torch ignites dry coal at Marfork Processing (112)
    • Enlow Fork reports brief underground fire at battery charging station (113)
    • Two have fractures in falling-material incident at Ash Grove Cement (114)
    • Smoke injures two in fire at Sidney Coal’s No1 Prep Plant (114)
  • Budget:Incremental changes requested in MSHA FY 2017 budget proposal (115)
  • Compensation: Hecla miners entitled to limited compensation (119)
  • Discrimination: Temporary reinstatement denied where miner fired for violating LOTO120
  • Equipment Safety: Commission upholds ALJ’s dismissal of alleged “drill attendance” violation (121)
    • Fatalities:
      • Nearly 1-ton pipe rolling off truck crushes driver at Vista Sand (122)
      • Driver dies in plunge off embankment at Staker & Parson sand and gravel pit (124)
      • Slip on step of truck caused fatal head injury at Lone Stary Quarry & Mill (125)
      • Airlock doors that crushed worker at 4 West Mine were insecure (126)
    • Jurisdiction: MSHA has jurisdiction over quarry’s garage one mile from mining operation (128)
    • Pattern of Violations: Commission jacks jurisdiction to hear challenge of Affinity’s POV notice (129)
    • Review Commission Orders and ALJ Decisions (132)

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