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Current Issue: Vol23, Nos4 & 5 | March 15, 2016

  • Accidents:
    • Worker has head caught in pallet mover at Thomasville Mine in York, Pa. (109)
    • Latest ground fall at Barrick Gold’s Turquoise Ridge traps two (111)
    • Worker breaks bones in fall from catwalk at Huber Carbonates (111)
    • Worker loses digit from encounter with block saw at Texastone (112)
    • Two Hurt as torch ignites dry coal at Marfork Processing (112)
    • Enlow Fork reports brief underground fire at battery charging station (113)
    • Two have fractures in falling-material incident at Ash Grove Cement (114)
    • Smoke injures two in fire at Sidney Coal’s No1 Prep Plant (114)
  • Budget:Incremental changes requested in MSHA FY 2017 budget proposal (115)
  • Compensation: Hecla miners entitled to limited compensation (119)
  • Discrimination: Temporary reinstatement denied where miner fired for violating LOTO120
  • Equipment Safety: Commission upholds ALJ’s dismissal of alleged “drill attendance” violation (121)
    • Fatalities:
      • Nearly 1-ton pipe rolling off truck crushes driver at Vista Sand (122)
      • Driver dies in plunge off embankment at Staker & Parson sand and gravel pit (124)
      • Slip on step of truck caused fatal head injury at Lone Stary Quarry & Mill (125)
      • Airlock doors that crushed worker at 4 West Mine were insecure (126)
    • Jurisdiction: MSHA has jurisdiction over quarry’s garage one mile from mining operation (128)
    • Pattern of Violations: Commission jacks jurisdiction to hear challenge of Affinity’s POV notice (129)
    • Review Commission Orders and ALJ Decisions (132)

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Recent Posts

Blankenship’s new digs…

Coal baron Don Blankenship lost his bid for freedom while he appeals his conviction and now gets to spend the next year in a federal prison. But trust me, it’s not the kind of prison you think.

Blankenship reported to Taft Correctional Institute, a minimum-security federal prison camp located near Bakersfield, Calif.

No word on whether he will have air conditioning — a luxury denied in the infamous tent prisons of Arizona’s Joe Arpaio, but the website for the prison assures us that he will have “quality health care,” which will include “Medical, dental, mental, and wellness services are provided to promote healthy lifestyles,” according to the prison’s website.

The camp is minimum security, and there are no security fences or armed posts. In fact, news stories as recently as December 2015 indicate that prisoners “escape” by walking away.

Visiting hours are from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as every federally recognized holiday, which will still be a four hour trip for his friends in Las Vegas, unless they can borrow a private plane and fly in to Bakersfield.

The prison programs he may participate in include:
• Adult Basic Education
• Wheels for the World
• Alcoholics Anonymous
• NCCER Courses
• Open Office Computer Apps
• Inside Out Dad
• Man in the Mirror
• English as Second Language
• Release Preparation
• Thinking for a Change
• Breaking the Cycle (BOP)
• Cage Your Rage
• Christianity in Prison
• Telemarketing
• Special Housing Unit Programming
• English Literature
• Individual Counseling
• Those Outspoken
• VT Math
• Choice and Change
• Culinary Arts
• Truck Driving

We understand that there are also sports teams and music lessons!

While he may be missing his dogs and friends and good times in his Las Vegas home, it won’t be as harsh as what the UBB families are going through for the rest of their lives.

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