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Current Issue: Vol. 22, No. 18 | September 29, 2014

  • Accidents:
    • Six burned in coal silo incident at Sulphur Springs Strip (580)
    • Debris on mine floor blamed for fractured back at Prosperity Mine (581)
    • Mechanic pinned by loader at Morenci Mine (581)
    • Driver Has concussion after vehicle falls over bank at Arkansas coal mine (582)
    • Falling rock injures sixth miner this year at Shoemaker Mine (582)
    • MSHA investigates second rock burst this year at Galena Mine (583)
    • Blast at California Quarry damages residences (584)
  • Black Lung:
    • MSHA inspectors not entitled to black lung benefits (584)
    • Four hearings and four appeals later, court awards benefits to miner’s widow (585)
    • Widow of JWR miner awarded benefits due to Affordable Care Act (586)
  • Discrimination: Company did not discriminate against female miner with osteoporosis (586)
  • Equal Access to Justice Act:
    • Fees denied where Secretary vacated citations due to lack of witnesses (587)
    • Over $40,000 in EAJA fees awarded where small operator had penalty reduced by 90% (588)
  • Fatalities:
    • Forklift fatally pins mechanic at Hockley Salt Mine (588)
    • Miner crushed by equipment at West Ridge Mine (589)
    • Miners lacked experience with feeder repair before fatality at Gibson Mine (589)
    • Machine catwalk retrofit blamed in fatal fall at Ames underground limestone mine (590)
    • ALJ upholds $157,000 in penalties in 2010 fatal truck accident at Rex Coal (592)
  • Grants: Increased Brookwood-Sago Grants announced for fiscal 2015 (595)
  • Imminent Danger: 596 explosive range detected in Aracoma Mine (596)
  • WARN Act: Nine Mile Mining violated WARN Act when it fired 73 miners (597)
  • Review Commission Orders and ALJ Decisions (598)

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MSHA hotline for immediately reportable accidents, CPR for any reason, imminent danger or hazardous conditions: 800-746-1553 (call within 15 minutes of accident)

Recent Posts

Over $1 Million In Fines Issued For Star Mines Double Fatality

Star Mine Operations LLC was fined $1,077,800 for the Nov. 17, 2013 blasting accident that killed Nick Cappano and Rick Williams at the underground silver mine in Ouray, Colo.
The two miners died from CO poisoning, and a total of 20 had CO exposure while attempting to rescue the two men.
MSHA issued eight unwarrantable failure orders, including six designated as flagrant violations.
MSHA said explosives were detonated in an area of the mine that was not ventilated, and no post-blast examination was conducted. Management also failed to take any action when two miners went into the unventilated area, and reported feeling ill, and it failed to withdraw miners as a result of the imminent danger created by the blast. Management did not establish an accurate and viable ventilation plan, barricade or seal unventilated areas, or properly train new employees on mine health and safety procedures. Finally, MSHA was not immediately notified of the reportable accident involving the two miners falling ill during the evening shift on Nov. 16 when they were exposed to toxic gasses.
After the accident, approximately 400 pounds of damaged and deteriorated explosives were removed from the mine and safely detonated by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the City of Grand Junction, Colorado’s, Grand Junction Bomb Squad. The remaining explosives were removed from the mine’s underground storage facilities, inventoried, separated by product type and date code, and stored in surface magazines.
A detailed story will focus on this fatal case in Vol. 21, No. 20 of Mine Safety and Health News.

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